LifeWave Sparks Interest at Important Convention

On October 16, more than 800 physicians scientists, researchers, and other health professionals gathered at the Hotel Leonardo da Vinci in Milan for the Medicina A Una Svolta (Medicine at a Turning Point). The aim of this annual convention is to bring the scientific community together to discuss the latest and most innovative therapies in the field of alternative health. During the convention, two noted speakers presented the LifeWave technology. First, Professor Bruno Brandimarte spoke about his findings from an IceWave study which was completed earlier this year. Professor Brandimarte is a well-published researcher in the field of applied biophysics and a pioneer in the field of magneto-biology. In addition, Simona Vignali, a well-known naturopath, explained how the LifeWave technology impacts anti-aging. She also presented several case studies on the effects of LifeWave patches on pain. Both presentations were met with much enthusiasm from the audience. The MAUS event was organized by LifeWave distributor Barbara Boniardi, a researcher whose work has been focused on alternative medicine, and sponsored by the popular magazine “Nexus.” The convention was a huge success for LifeWave, initiating great interest among those in attendance. Thank you to all who were involved for sharing the LifeWave technology with this important community.

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