LifeWave AEON Testimonial from Jim Loreto

Hi Karen, ok just wanted to post a quick testimonial of what has happened to me since using Aeon. So last weekend Saturday I was at an event here in my town promoting Lifewave. The weather was gorgeous here and I wanted to go surf but was still under the weather. But I couldn’t resist! So I surfed hard for an hour and a half and thought I am going to feel it tomorrow since I had been under the weather and I hadn’t surfed for a week either. So Sunday I wake and still under the weather but I am not sore. Again another gorgeous day and I can’t resist the surf is calling my name. I surf for 3.5 hours straight and I caught a lot of waves. I thought now tomorrow I will pay the price for this. I get home and I think wow if it wasn’t dark I could surf for another 3 hours no problem. Monday rolls around and I am feeling good and not sore. I have a small window Monday to surf in the late afternoon and again not fatigued and surfed hard. I am blown away I just turned 40 and I am surfing like I am in my twenties. P.S. I have surfed 6 days straight and today will be number 7. By the way I didn’t wear the energy patches just Aeon. Here is the other kicker I have lost 5lbs since being on Aeon and haven’t changed a thing with diet either. My assumption because it’s lowering Cortisol levels maybe the reason for the weight loss….ok I am off to surf have an incredible weekend. – Jim Loreto

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