LifeWave Patches for Brain Balancing & Stress Relief

In this video below, Dr. Karen Kan demonstrates how to use the LifeWave Energy Patches to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. According to studies, this patching helps to induce Alpha brainwave states – a more relaxed brainwave state that is common among people who meditate regularly.

NEW Brain Balancing Tips:

The LifeWave Glutathione, Aeon and Carnosine patches are POSITIVE patches and thus can be interchanged with the Energy Enhancer WHITE patches for the protocol below. The best thing is to learn a simple muscle test (see post on How to Test Brain Imbalance) to see which placements are best.

If you’re not getting results with the other patch protocols (for example, pain relief with IceWave), it may be helpful to do a day or two of brain balancing first before trying again. I like to patch the head when the person I’m testing isn’t responding to the IceWave pain patches. So far 100% have responded to the pain patches when I’ve done this.

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