Dr. Karen featured in LifeWave’s New Y-Age Aeon Video

Dr. Karen is featured in this video about the LifeWave Y-Age Aeon patch, which helped her increase the flexibility in her connective tissues, which translates to greater spinal flexibility and body comfort.

Dr. Karen began skating at an older age, approximately 29 years of age..a lot older than most people who ever dream of becoming a competitive figure skater. Donning a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and butt pads, Dr. Karen set out to learn figure skating for the first time ever in Lake Placid, NY about 15 years ago.

Now at age 43 (soon to be 44), Dr. Karen has won multiple Adult National Gold medals in single and pairs skating (with partner James Gann, also featured in the video above) as well as an International Adult Figure Skating Gold medal for the U.S. after recovering from a debilitating illness called fibromyalgia.

She was introduced to LifeWave Energy Enhancers only two weeks prior to her International gold medal win in Germany in 2005.

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