Woman Gets Relief from Excess Scar Tissue Using Glutathione and Carnosine LifeWave Patches

The Australian woman below talks about an unattractive large scar she had on her leg. The scar was “keloid”, in other words it grew outside the margins of a regular scar. These can be unsightly and embarrassing to have. Even surgical scars can become thick and overgrown.

In this woman’s experience she was referred to a surgeon. Her doctor had not other options to offer her. Instead she tried the Carnosine and Glutathione LifeWave patches and found a dramatic improvement in the look and feel of her scar within the first five days:

I would recommend alternating Glutathione and Carnosine (see brochure for acupuncture points used) for the first couple of weeks, thereafter you can increase glutathione to 5-7 days a week and decrease carnosine to 1-3 days a week. Alternatively you can use both together along with the new Y-Age Aeon patch 5-7 days a week, as this patch helps with inflammation.

Dr. Karen

**Note that LifeWave patches are not purported to cure or treat any disease**

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