Woman with overwhelming “nerve” pain gets relief with LifeWave

Lenny’s Testimonial about his wife Cele:


For over nine years my wife, Allein (Cele) Dwyer, has suffered from RSD, in constant overwhelming pain.  She is 100% disabled and has very limited use of her hands and arms.  She has tried all that traditional medicine has to offer. Nerve blocks, Morphine spinal pump trial, Spinal Cord Stimulator Implants (2), TOS surgery, increasingly large amounts of MS Contin time release and immediate release; all have offered temporary limited relief.

The first time she tried the IceWave patches her pain levels dropped from 8-10+ down to 2.!!! Prior to using the patches my wife was taking PRN 15mg Morphine IR 4-6 times daily and MS Contin ER 60mg four times a day.

After the first week of using the IceWave patches she stopped using the PRN Morphine IR’s.

My wife is now in the third month of using the patches. The combination of IceWave and Y-Age patches has dropped pain levels to 0-2.  The SCS generator implant has been removed and my wife is in the process of withdrawing ALL pain medications!  The scar tissue in her neck resulting from nerve blocks/surgeries is softening dramatically!  Her severe constipation due to medications is no longer an issue!

UPDATE: 10/07/2009

Cele is now completely off of all pain meds and her motor function is steadily improving.

UPDATE: 08/23/2010

Cele continues to improve!  Her spirit, strength and energy are returning.  She has lost over 53 pounds with the help of the appetite control patches!  She was a nurse for over 30 years prior to the onset of RSD, and now her desire to help people in pain has returned!  She wants to share these amazing LifeWave patches with everyone!

Her pain specialist, Dr. Brian Dix, Coastal Chronic Pain Services, PLLC can verify these amazing results.

We have been fortunate to have the guidance of many LifeWave members who offer constant instruction and support, and we have learned a great deal about patch applications.

Note: Recently Dr. Karen Kan’s shared information of using the brain balancing protocol to aid in pain relief has also provided yet another way to utilize this amazing patch technology.  The possibilities are endless!

We now wish to help others who suffer with chronic pain and feel obligated to pass along all the help and support that has been given to us.

This all sounds too good to be true, but these patches are real!

Lenny Desroche    Cele Dwyer

Or you can email us at  Lennycele@att.net

Or call us     228 539-2307

** Please note that LifeWave does not claim that their patches treat or cure disease, but rather work on increasing energy flow and thus help to reduce pain**

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