Strategies to Ease Detoxification Symptoms

It is common while healing to have a detoxification reaction. The more toxic you are or the more inefficient your detoxification organs (liver, kidney, lymphatics or colon), the potentially greater the reaction. The good news is that if you’re experiencing “detox” symptoms, it means that you’re body is trying to dump toxins!

Of course, it can be uncomfortable if your healing response is really intense, so there are ways around it. If you’re using LifeWave patches for the first time, we often recommend you start with the IceWave or Energy Enhancer patches first. This will increase energy flow in the body.

When you start Y-Age which is a powerful detoxifier and immune enhancer, you may wish to continue Energy Enhancer patches at the same time, in order to continue the flow of energy. We recommend detoxifying with Y-Age before using the new patch that is coming out in January, code-named X-15.

Here are some of the common symptoms of detox:

  • fatigue
  • nasal stuffiness or congestion
  • skin breakouts
  • headaches
  • dizziness or nausea
  • water retention
  • emotional swings

If you’re experiencing some of these symptoms during your healing/detoxifying, you can ease some of the symptoms by:

  1. Additional hydration of pure filtered water, at least 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight per day. I recommend Fiji water ideally.
  2. Add minerals especially amino acid magnesium chelate (Dr. Steve Haltiwanger recommends about 3-4 tabs a day) or Nutrilink Mineral Force: which is a n energetically “live” mineral form (recommended by me)
  3. Put Energy Enhancer patches over Kidney 27 points to help clear the lymphatic channels, white on right, tan on left.
  4. Try this detox remedy by Dr. Steve Haltiwanger: Put a heaping teaspoon of Buffered Vitamin C powder (example Vitality C by American Nutraceuticals LLC) in a quart of pure water with some lemon and small amount of sweetener for taste (ideally stevia or agave, and if unavailable, small amount of honey or maple syrup). Never use aspartame or sucralose. Drink this a few times a day (finish each batch  within 2 hours, and then repeat the procedure)

Just a note from Dr. Steve: Magnesium is one of the most deficient macrominerals in the body under stress, even emotional stress. Emotional stress causes an acidic environment, so in order to balance the pH of the body, the body will buffer it by taking minerals from the bone!

Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc can also be lost in sweat. In elite military athletes that Dr. Steve tested, he found that 67% were severely zinc deficient and 50% were magnesium deficient.

LifeWave patches work best with adequate hydration and adequate mineral nutritional intake.

Feel free to comment if you’ve found this information helpful!


Dr. Karen

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