Brain Imbalances Prevent Pain Relief

Recently I learned how to quickly and easily evaluate whether someone has an imbalance in the right and left hemispheres of their brain and also whether their autonomic nervous system, the ANS, (two opposing sides of flight-or-fight vs. relaxation) is blocked. I learned a simple muscle test from Dr. Robert Stashko.

I discovered two things. The first thing was that people with the brain imbalance and particularly with the ANS blockage, did not respond as well to therapy. As an example a friend of mine came into the office a few days ago complaining of shoulder pain. She couldn’t get the LifeWave IceWave patches to “work”.

My assistant and I verified that despite our efforts with patching her with IceWave, we weren’t getting a stitch of pain relief. So then I tested her “brain” using this new testing method I had learned and found that her brain was imbalanced AND her ANS was blocked.

Here’s the second thing I discovered: I decided to patch her head with Energy Enhancers to see if I could immediately shift her brain neurology – white on right side of head above the ear and tan on the left. Within seconds, the repeated testing showed that the patches had corrected the brain and ANS imbalances. We tried patching white on the forehead and tan on the back of the head and although it was also good, it wasn’t as good as the first position.

When we tried IceWave on the head, it did not have a positive effect on the brain neurology, so we put the Energy Enhancer patches back on either side of her head.

We then re-patched her shoulder with IceWave while the Energy Enhancers were still on her head and immediately she noticed a decrease in her pain levels. I told her to go home and patch her head at least an hour a night to see if we can get her “brain” more balanced. It has been four days and she reported marked improvement of her shoulder pain since trying this protocol.

To view the Brain Balancing video (if you don’t know how to test for brain imbalance you can use all the brain points):

So if you have a “tough case” that isn’t responding to the patches, have them do the Brain Balancing protocol first, then repatch them. We don’t know how long they have to do the Brain Balancing to have a permanent rebalancing effect since this is so new, but I’m advising about one hour per night minimum (although some men have been using patches all day under a baseball cap!).

Coming soon: I will have a Youtube video showing you how to do the brain balance/ANS testing. It is simple and elegant and it shows immediately what brain position the patches help the most.

Dr. Karen Kan

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