Olympic Center Athletes Learn About LifeWave

OTC Bobsled, Luge and Skeleton Athletes
Olympic Bronze Medalists, Erin Pac (front row blond) and Elana Meyers, US Bobsled (outside picture frame) were on hand to get training on using the IceWave Patches
Dr. Karen Kan does muscle test on James to demonstrate effects of cell phone radiation on the body’s energy field

Dr. Karen Kan and her team were invited by head trainer Peter Toohey of the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, to teach their winter athletes how they can increase their energy and relieve their painful injuries using natural drug-free methods like LifeWave Energy and IceWave patches.

Well over 50% of the athletes were in pain and the grand majority admitted that they could use more energy. Three winter sports were represented: Bobsled, Luge and Skeleton. The challenging body positions required in their sports with the additional G-force that their bodies are subjected to creates a high-risk for injury and overuse in these athletes.

On hand to take the training were 2010 Olympic Bronze Medalists Erin Pac and Elana Meyers. The majority of athletes who tried the IceWave patches got out of significant pain within a  few minutes, much to their amazement.
Special thanks goes to team members: Marie McMahon, LMT, Meg Parker, LMT, Holly Kostoss, Tami Bushey, RN, and Bronwyn Seal who helped out with the training and the patch demonstrations.

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