LifeWave Patches Helped Itchy Rash


My son woke up one day and developed huge itchy welts on his skin. It spread all over his body and he was embarrassed because the hives were even on his face. I took him to the doctor and he was put on anti-histamines, that didn’t seem to help very much.

I was desperate to help my son, so I called Dr. Karen because I was wondering if there was anything the LifeWave patches could do to help. She told me to put the LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches on the acupuncture point called Liver 3. In addition, she advised that my son take an over the counter probiotic and stay away from dairy and sugar.

The results were amazing! By the next day after patching, most of the swelling was gone and by the second day, it just about disappeared. I couldn’t believe how quickly the patches worked compared with the drugs. Dr. Karen told us to stay on the diet for now, which we are, but all I can say is:

These LifeWave patches rock!

Tami Bushey, RN, ICU nurse

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