Energy Enhancer Patches Boost Effectiveness of SP6 Complete Weight Loss Program

As a holistic physician and medical acupuncturist, I see a lot of patients with “burnout”. The medical terminology for this is adrenal fatigue or “adrenal hypofunction”. The adrenal glands are a very important part of our stress-handling system and pumps out cortisol and adrenaline during stress.

What I’m seeing is a lot of people with fat around the middle of their bellies. Skinny legs and big bellies are typical of “stress-fat”. When there has been too much “stress” in the body, and the adrenal glands have been over-producing cortisol, it encourages the body to store fat.

Why? Think of it this way. In the tribal days, it would be advantageous in times of stress and famine to be able to “store fat” for the long haul wouldn’t it? But with today’s access to yummy and not-so-healthy food, that genetic ability to store fat isn’t so helpful is it?

What I’ve found is that in addition to the SP6 Complete system for weight loss which emphasizes detoxification of toxins (toxins also encourage fat to stick around), using Energy Enhancer patches at the same time helps support the stress-handling system thereby giving the poor little adrenal glands some rest and “recharge”. The fat-burning aspects of Energy Enhancer patches can be helpful as well.

One of my favorite point combinations to use (and you can try different ones) is to use

1. Energy Enhancers on Liver 3, white on right, tan on left AND

2. SP6 Complete on the left SP6 point and Glutathione on the right SP6 point OR SP6 Complete on GV 4 (on the back) and Glutathione on CV 6 (two inches below belly button)

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Dr. Karen

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