X-15 Patch Testimonial – More Flexibility

When I became ill about 10 years ago, I began to “age” quickly. I started losing flexibility in my muscles and joints among other things (such as chronic severe fatigue and wide-spread body pain).

Then in 2007/2008 I suffered a right shoulder injury which became a “frozen” shoulder. I still remember my friend and massage therapist Marie McMahon, RPA, LMT massaging and loosening my shoulder just before I competed at Adult Nationals. My attempts at the “death spiral” were unsuccessful partly due to my painful shoulder.

I was given the unique opportunity, as an athlete and LifeWave trainer, to use the X-15 patch created by David Schmidt of LifeWave. The “formula” is secret and all I knew was that it was “anti-aging”. Over the last few months, what I’ve noticed is an increasing pliability of my skin and soft tissues. Not only that, it increases my strength and endurance several fold.

Below are pictures of two yoga poses. The first one I have not been able to do since my “frozen” shoulder in 2008…until now. The second is a position (don’t know what it is called!) is a pose I’ve NEVER been able to do. But I can do them both now thanks to the X-15 and David Schmidt.


Dr. Karen

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