LifeWave Patches for African Drumming


Photo by J. Barry Mittan

I’ve discovered something really interesting. When I use the LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches on certain acupuncture points, I can hit my djembe harder and the sound it makes is much stronger!

I’ve been experimenting a bit and I’ve come to the conclusion that the BEST acupuncture points for me (for drumming) is Liver 3. Even if I have the Energy Enhancer patches on other strong points for skating/working etc. such as Kidney 1 or Stomach 36, I change them to Liver 3 for drumming.

Without the patches, my hands actually hurt when I try to hit the drum…the surface of the skin is sensitive. As well, my shoulders and forearms have spasmed and tired out from the repetitive motion. So wearing the patches, especially for high energy performances, really helps me drum for a good 90 minutes without pain or fatigue!

Yesterday, I noticed that my LEFT hand still felt a bit sensitive hitting the drum during class, so I decided to change my TAN patch to Gallbladder 41 instead of Liver 3 (which was the WHITE one on the RIGHT) – that did the trick! The increased “flow” of energy/blood down my arm from the change was enough (and it only took seconds) that both arms were now evenly strong.

Who would have thought? Patches for drummers!

Dr. Karen

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