Using Carnosine Patch with Burning Foot Pain

My colleague Dr. Quila Rider recently used LifeWave Patches on a woman with foot pain. She discovered that Carnosine was very effective for the burning aspects of the foot pain. Read below for a summary:

Dr. Quila used IceWave and pain for a woman with two types of foot pain. The main foot pain went from a ten out of ten in intensity to a four. She added Glutathione and pain went down a little more. Then she decided to try Carnosine.

The woman also had a strong burning sensation in her feet. The burning sensation was still a ten. When Dr. Quila applied the Carnosine patch, the pain went down to zero immediately! Quila wondered why the Glutathione patch didn’t work for this burning issue.

ANSWER: Carnosine is vital for neurotransmitters of brain to work and burning pain is from the brain. Placement DR. Quila used: tan patch on point of pain on top of foot and white with clock method for best point. Put Glutathione nearby and moved it two or three times. She patched just one foot. Other pain in the other un-patched foot didn’t go down yet, but should over time; however, the Carnosine patch on one foot did stop the burning sensation in both feet.

The woman may have needed higher level of carnosine which affected the neurotransmitters in a beneficial way. So remember to try Carnosine patch for burning pain.

I would like to thank  for letting us reproduce this protocol as well as Dr. Quila Rider.

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