IceWave Patches Help Relieve Pain after Surgery

The following is an email I just received from Linda who came to one of my presentations and had great results with IceWave for her back pain. Interestingly it took “overnight” for her to show significant results the first time..and she had the patches on for all of about 10 minutes max the night before. Here is her latest testmonial:

I’ve just had another amazing experience with the ICE WAVES patches! I had a tooth removed Thurs. Knowing this would be painful after the anesthesia wore off, I used the patches you loaned me. Guess what? This is the fastest recovery and painless procedure I have ever experienced.

Okay, that’s one: On Tuesday I went to Mary Bartel’s yoga class where she uses weights with the poses. How stupid do I have to be. . . .? I picked up 3 lb weights in each hand and did the class.

I have never worked with weights like this.  So anyway, I toughed it out and it wasn’t until the end of the class that I realized I was really tired.  Wednesday I hurt everywhere.  I mean I felt like someone had beaten me and then drove a truck  back and forth over my body until I screamed!!  I took the patches and used them just like you demonstrated.  I  placed the patches in areas shown in the book (where it hurt the most) . . .the pain was gone!  Totally.  I just find this truly amazing and exciting. 

I just can’t say enough about this discovery. This could actually change the medical/pharm professions. No more dependency on pills. In time, we can tell them how we deal with our medical issues.Linda G.

Thanks again, Dr. Karen. I plan on being there on the 14th for your presentation and I will bring whoever wants to come with me.

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