“White Hot Promotions” Available Until July 25th

LifeWave is offering special promotions for new distributors. They call it the “White Hot Promotion” and it is available in two different packages. Although these packages are for people joining the salesforce, they are also available to non-sales people who wish to take advantage of the “bulk” savings this promotion is offering. In other words, if you don’t want to sell, but just want the savings, then this promotion might interest you:

Here are the details of what is included:

Until July 25 LifeWave is offering ONE special White Hot Diamond Enrollment Package and ONE special White Hot Gold Enrollment Package. In the United States only, there is a homeopathic version of each of these packages.

So, what’s included?

White Hot Diamond Enrollment Pack for $1,499.95, with 600 BV

U.S. Version* – normally you get 17 patches and 17 sprays.
Until July 25th you get 38 patches and 28 bottles of spray:
8 Sleeves Energy Enhancer
8 Sleeves IceWave
4 Sleeves Silent Nights
2 Sleeves SP6 Complete
8 Sleeves Y-Age Carnosine
8 Sleeves Y-Age Glutathione
Homeopathic Sprays
8 Energy Enhancer
8 IceWave
2 Silent Nights
2 SP6
8 Y-Age

…for a total savings of $1080 over retail!

White Hot Gold Enrollment Pack for $499.95, with 275 BV

U.S. Version – you normally get 6 sleeves of patches and five bottles of spray. With this promotion until July 25th you get an extra 10 sleeves of patches:
4 Sleeves Energy Enhancer
2 Sleeves IceWave
2 Sleeves Silent Nights
2 Sleeves SP6
3 Sleeves Y-Age Carnosine
3 Sleeves Y-Age Glutathione
Homeopathic Sprays
1 Energy Enhancer
1 IceWave
1 Silent Nights
1 SP6
1 Y-Age

…for a savings of $600 over retail

*For the international versions of the promotions, please contact us for details. There are more patches and no homeopathic sprays for each Diamond and Gold package.

If you or anyone you know wants to take advantage of special promotion, and you are not already a LifeWave member/distributor, please CONTACT US before July 25th on how to apply.

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