Olympic Medalist Andrew Weibrecht Tries LifeWave


Olympic Bronze Medalist, Super G, Andrew Weibrecht (far right) gets pain relief with the patches

We had the privilege of working with local hero and Olympic Bronze medalist (Super G), Andrew Weibrecht, during the June “Acupuncture without Needles” Demo and Training hosted in Lake Placid, NY.

Weibrecht had gone through right shoulder surgery months earlier and still have significant pain and restrictions in his range of motion. Before IceWave patching, he could lift his arm about 90 degrees out to the side. A few seconds after patching he was able to lift his arm completely up to his ear without pain.

Weibrecht remarked how surprised he was with the result because he had not been able to lift his arm that high for months, even with rehabilitative therapy.

Dr Karen teaches IceWave Protocol

Currently Weibrecht is sampling some of the different LifeWave patches available during this training season and we look forward to hearing his results!

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