New Pain Patch Placement for Back Pain

Latest clinical studies show evidence that IceWave patches provide immediate and significant pain relief when used as directed.

However, achieving optimal results is finding the patch placement that works for you. For example, people with lower back pain often benefit from applying the IceWave patches to the bottom of the feet, at Kidney 1. The IceWave instruction booklet has all the information you need to experiment with various placements to find the right one for you.

A new patch placement has demonstrated remarkable results for individuals with pain throughout the back. It was developed by Dr. Ana Tao, M.D., in Taiwan, where she has been using it with great success.

To use this patch placement, place a TAN IceWave patch at the base of the spine (at the tailbone) and a WHITE IceWave patch at the C7 Vertebrae. C7 is easy to find; simply move your head forward so that your chin touches your chest. C7 is the bone that protrudes out the base of your neck.

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