Protection from Cell Phone Radiation using LifeWave Patches?

Cell Phone with Glutathione Patch Attached

The other day I was teaching a patient of mine who had all-over body pain how to use the IceWave patches for pain. In order to first demonstrate the energetic action of the patches, we did something called muscle testing (also called applied kinesiology).

I tested the strength of her outstretched arm beforehand to get a baseline. Then I retested her when she was holding the cell phone that was turned on (but was not connected to a call) – which made her immediately weak. Extremely weak would have been a more accurate description.

I had heard that the Y-Age patches could prevent the weakening of the body when applied to a cell phone so I decided to test this “theory” on my patient. First we used the glutathione patch. We temporarily stuck the patch on the back of the phone and had put the phone to her right ear as if she was talking on it. Her muscle test strength was restored.

We noticed that when we switched the patch to the front of the phone (which is an impractical location on most phones), she became super strong. Thus we theorized that the glutathione patch placed BETWEEN the phone and the person using it was the ideal location.

On a whim, I decided to have her switch hands and use the phone in her left hand. To our complete surprised, she became super strong even with the patch on the outside of the phone (away from the body). We repeated the test with the carnosine patch and got similar results.

Thus I advised her to use either the Glutathione or Carnosine patch on the back of her phone, and to use her left hand whenever possible when talking on the phone. This left-handed preference may not be the same in all people so if you’re trying it out, please do a muscle test to confirm which position works best.

Here is a youtube video on how to do a simple muscle test:

According to other advanced LifeWave practitioners, the Glutathione/Carnosine patches would give approximately 4 months worth of protection while attached to the phone.

Comment below if you have had any experience personally with using glutathione/carnosine patches with your cell phone:

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