The Art of Recruiting with Kim Klaver

Kim Klaver, the business marketing trainer for LifeWave, has been selling things she loves since she was eight. The little Dutch girl with broken English sold more Christmas cards door-to-door in her neighborhood than all her friends.

After a stint in academia, which ended with a degree from Harvard, she wrote academic textbooks and articles, and slowly moved into sales – from real estate to direct sales and network marketing. In her last company, Kim achieved the highest position in the shortest time in their 25 year history.

She teaches thousands of women (and men for that matter)  in direct sales how they can become more successful too, through her books, audio tapes and classes. Many of the most sincere women don’t realize that what they’ve learned to say and do typcially turns off the very consumers they’re trying to reach, especially other women.

There is no reason other than poor recruiting and training programs for the 95% drop out rate – most of whom are unfortunately women.  On tonight’s training Kim revealed what to say when you’re calling leads, which she did a lot of in her network marketing days.

With her linguistic university background, Kim shares with you exactly what questions to ask of your leads to quickly ascertain whether they are right for YOU and your team. She has the no-nonsense, no-hype approach that so many people love because it never puts pressure on the prospect. Ever.

Tonight she also revealed her Little Banana and Big Banana scripts. What you say to a person looking to earn an extra $500 a month versus someone seriously looking to earn $5000 – $10,000+ a month is very different. And she makes it all so simple.

Even though it is simple, you still have to practice (with the crib sheet no less) over and over again until it becomes second nature. Simple isn’t easy. If network marketing were easy, everyone would be successful at it. But everyone is not. Most who aren’t don’t get the right training. That’s why we’re learning from an expert like Kim.

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Here is something else valuable that Kim told us about: There are three groups of people who will be part of your team.

Group A: Belongers

This group of people like being around the other people in your team. They enjoy the energy. They are not interested in the big monty. Kim said about 85-90% of people in your organization are from this group (and that is perfectly OK). These people enjoy the culture. They may not sponsor a lot, but their goal is to get their own product for free.

POP QUIZ: How many LifeWave customers does it take to get your own product patches for free (assuming you’re buying one set per month)? Remember that for every retail or preferred retail customer, LifeWave pays you $20.

ANSWER: Four. But you’ll want some wiggle room just in case someone flakes out so the magic number is FIVE. It takes five regular paying customers to get your own patches for free. Do you think you can get five regular customers if we showed you how to do it?

Group B: People Who Want to Replace Their Income

The average American makes between $2000 to $2500 a month. So how many regular paying customers do you need to get to replace this income?

The answer? 100-125

Group C: Those Who Want a Complete Career Change

These people are looking for big income. We’re talking at least $5000-10,000 a month. They’ll put in the time and energy to make this happen. When you talk to these people and they ask how does it work? you share with them that you make money two ways: by getting regular paying customers (like AOL or Time Warner Cable does) or recruiting and training a sales team who find and recruit more sales people to do the same thing that you do, and you make approximately 5-10% of all the sales they do.

Kim will share with you exactly what to say and how to say it so that you don’t resort to technobabble (trying to explain matching bonuses, binary systems etc. to your prospect for example) or hype. We highly recommend you pick up a copy of her these CD’s and crib sheet as soon as possible!

The Art of Recuiting 9 Audio CD’s and Crib Sheet PDF CD

Use coupon code: lifewave

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