LifeWave Athletes Strike Triple GOLD at National Championships

Last weekend, LifeWave distributors, Karen Kan, MD and James Gann competed at the Adult Figure Skating Championships in Bloomington, MN. The National event draws hundreds of adult skater from around the country as well as elite coaches and national level judges and officials from U.S. Figure Skating.

Kan and Gann had a “to-do” list for Nationals:

  1. Skate the best they can and skate clean in their pairs program
  2. Win three gold medals
  3. Inspire others to skate with joy and passion
  4. Make great connections with friends new and old
  5. Inspire LifeWave distributors around the world

Well, looking at the list, they did it all!

Dr. Karen Kan is not only known around the world as the LifeWave Trainer on YouTube. She is also known as a champion in the Adult Figure Skating world. Her partner James Gann, also a LifeWave distributor, have discovered over the years the advantages that LifeWave patches gives them in their skating.

It was almost 10 years ago when Dr. Kan succumbed to a debilitating illness called fibromyalgia. While recovering from this illness, she was introduced to LifeWave patches and found that it was a key component to her recovery. Now with the support of Energy Medicine like LifeWave patches, she is able to do things she couldn’t do before…like having the stamina and strength to skate a 2 minute and 40 second pairs skating program.

In 2005 James Gann was introduced to LifeWave through Dr. Kan while he was a driver for UPS. He discovered that the Energy Enhancers made him stronger and less susceptible to injury. Then he found he could maximize his P90X workouts using the patches and that they helped him stay centered and strong for the lifts required in pairs skating.

Dr. Kan says, “There is no question in my mind that LifeWave is a HUGE part of our success. Throughout my life, I was never a great athlete – I never had the stamina and strength that most people had…and that was even before my illness.

“I used to be so out of breath and my legs would shake and wobble from fatigue. Now, with the LifeWave Energy Enhancer and Y-Age patches, I am no longer winded and my legs don’t wobble when I skate hard. And I can finally do what I’ve always dreamed of..which is pairs figure skating (which requires a lot of strength!).

“Thank you David Schmidt and LifeWave for helping make our dreams come true!”

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