Magnesium and Vitamin D help LifeWave Patches Work Optimally

There are many people who are deficient in an important mineral – Magnesium. I see it all the time in my practice. Blood tests are not helpful since blood magnesium is kept “normal” by the balancing processes of the body until the Magnesium levels are critically low.

Some experts believe that an over abundance of calcium supplements can prevent magnesium absorption which is why often they recommend a 2:1 ratio. In my practice, I find that many of my patients with chronic fatigue or pain require higher levels of magnesium and I’ll prescribe a 1:1 ratio.

The LifeWave patches work better when there is enough magnesium in the body. The same goes for Vitamin D which is often very deficient in the northeastern parts of the states where I live. Many doctors are jumping on the bandwagon and checking 25-hydroxy Vitamin D levels in blood. Hooray!

Natural health experts recommend 25-hydoxy Vitamin D levels of 80-100 nmols/L or approx 50-75 ng/mL. Note that the units differ depending on how your lab measures it.

Sometimes even in sunny climates, Vitamin D levels may not be adequate especially in those who are chronically ill or elderly. If you’re not sure, best to get it checked.

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