Tami Bushey, RN Introduces LifeWave to Ausable Forks, NY

Tami Bushey, RN, an ICU nurse, suffered from a terribly painful shoulder. For eight months she had strugged with going to physical therapy and having them move her shoulder to rehabilitate it. “It was torture and I was always in tears everytime they’d move it.” said Tami.

Then one day, she was referred to a talented massage therapist, Marie McMahon, PTA, LMT who had a background in physical therapy. Marie suggested they try the LifeWave IceWave patches for pain before the massage because she discovered very quickly how tight Tami’s tissues had become because of the pain.

To Tami’s surprise, after a few minutes, her shoulder didn’t hurt. Not only could Marie work deeply into the tissue with her massage finally, Tami was so comfortable, she practically fell asleep during her therapy! She could not believe the difference the patches made!

Not long afterwards, Tami suggested to her father to try the LifeWave IceWave patches. Her father had slipped and fallen around Christmas time and broke his leg. The pain was still there months later. Tami took her father to see Marie and within minutes, his pain was gone. Tami was amazed and at the same time grateful to the point of tears that her father no longer had to suffer with daily pain.

Tami became a distributor with LifeWave and begun teaching others how to help themselves become healthier and feel better using this technology. The photos below are from Tami’s LifeWave Presentation in Ausable Forks, NY, her hometown (very small home town!).

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