LifeWave Olympian Wins Bronze Medal

On February 24th, USA bobsledder Erin Pac blazed down the Whistler track to earn a Bronze medal and cement her position as the top female bobsled driver in the USA, on her first trip to the Olympics! We are proud to report Erin was wearing Energy Enhancer patches on race day.

Erin was first introduced to LifeWave by her former brakeman, Michelle “Mickie” Rzepka, and fellow USA bobsledder, Steve Langton, who had both been using Energy Enhancer with great results. Erin began using IceWave for pain management and incorporated Energy Enhancer into her training routine. She was never without Energy Enhancer on competition day and says she has “found them to be phenomenal”!

“I typically have a little Red Bull, but I didn’t even need it when using Energy Enhancer because I had sustained energy,” says Erin. “I’ve used them every race. If I’m lifting and training, I would definitely use them. I didn’t feel as sluggish during the training the next day. I found with the patches I didn’t have that crash after.”

Erin also used the IceWave patches to help her deal with an injury as well as to help her body recover from a rigorous travel and training routine: “I had an injury on my Achilles throughout the season and so I would use them twice a week leading into the event, just to help my body settle down a little bit because it gets really tired with travelling and long days.”

LifeWave patches will likely come in handy in Erin’s future plans as well. The Olympic medalist says she will be an athlete for the rest of her life, but also loves to cook and would like to open a restaurant someday – an undertaking that will surely require a great amount of energy. We congratulate Erin on her stellar accomplishments and wish her the best in her future endeavors!

About the LifeWave Olympic Program

In November 2009, we announced that we would offer Energy Enhancer and Y-Age Glutathione patches FREE each month to any athlete training to qualify for the 2010 Olympic Games. Many of the athletes participating in our Olympic Program went on to indeed clinch a spot at the Olympics and represented their countries proudly. We would like to congratulate all our athletes and thank them for making LifeWave part of their Olympic journey!

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