How to Use Email Signatures to Market LifeWave

Kim Klaver, in her book, If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It? teaches us starting on page 294, that you can use email signatures to market your product. It should be taken out of your favorite First content.

Email signatures can be automatically set to be attached at the end of each email you write. You can do it in every email program out there including the “free”ones such as yahoo, gmail and hotmail. The point of the email signature is to attract other people who have the same “problem” that you had. You are literally calling out to your target market without necessarily coming across like a seller.

Here is seller talk examples ­čÖü

  • Clear up your skin in 30 days or your money back!
  • Tired of being sick and tired? Try Brand X!
  • Health and wealth for all.

Here are some pointers from Kim:

1. It must be personal to you. Generalities don’t work.
2. Don’t make claims or promises
3. No hype and that means no color, no exclamation marks etc. that make you look like a “seller”
4. Must be less than 13 words.
5. Avoids technobabble and long words.

So your email signature should include:

Your Name
Your personal byline
Your website (as long as it is consistent with your message)
Your phone number

So here are some I came up with that use her model. I’d like to know which one you like best, so please comment by clicking COMMENT below the title or at the bottom of the blog post. I’m just going to write the bylines:

1. My acne cleared up. Finally.

2. My skin is clear and I don’t need make-up anymore.

3. I don’t need make-up to hide my acne anymore.

4. I’m thought my skin would never clear up, but it did. Finally.

5. My skin looks like I never had acne.

6. Finally I have clear skin. Without drugs or creams.

7. My skin is clear after 25 years of acne. Finally.

8. I don’t need make-up to hide my zits anymore.

9. My acne is gone. Finally.

10. No more acne or eczema for me.

If you come up with other ones that you think are good, please let me know! Just remember to follow the rules above.

I think this one is my favorite so far – here’s the full email signature:


I don’t need make-up to hide my acne anymore.

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