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Over the years, Kim Klaver of Banana Marketing has been known as the “inventor” of the 3 Scripts Course where new and seasoned network marketers learn how to attract the right customers for their business without using hype or what Klaver calls, “seller talk”.

Unlike other network marketing gurus who focus mainly on attracting business builders, Klaver’s main focus is on attracting regular paying customers. From there, she says, you can find a few business builders, but the emphasis is always on attracting customers.

 Her methods work because in her debut as a professional direct seller, Klaver made nearly $60K in her first month. Five years later, she achieved the highest position in the shortest time in the history of the company.

The first thing she teaches is called the First Date Script (FDS) and there are several pieces to the formula (see page 113 of her book, If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?):

  1. Opening line
  2. Who your market segment is that is like you
  3. Personal story – she calls them Personal Zingers
  4. Things you tried (optional) but didn’t work
  5. Turning point
  6. Introduce your product and give time frame
  7. Your results (should match your personal story)
  8. End question which is practically the same for everyone (NEVER CHANGE THIS OR YOUR RESULTS WILL DROP! according to Klaver)

Klaver also warns that it is important to read your scripts out loud to yourself or a friend so that it sounds natural and uses words a 13 year old could understand. Also, your personal story is very important and needs to be told in such a way so that you paint a vivid picture in the mind of your potential customer.

Lastly, you MUST tell the truth. Don’t ever lie to your prospect and don’t make promises (hype).

Here are three personal FDS’s I’ve been working on. The bolded words are part of Klaver’s formula. If you’re a LifeWave distributor, you can purchase her book and audio CD’s in your back office. If you are not, you can purchase them HERE.

Please let me know by voting (click the comment link above or below this post) on which of the three you like best and why. And for the one you like best, I’d appreciate any constructive feedback to make it even better. If you’re on my team, please also write the personal scripts you came up with so you can get feedback from the rest of the team (optional).

Dr. Karen’s Customer Script #1 (55 seconds)

I market a product for busy people who are too pooped out to exercise like I used to be.

Before I started using this product, I was someone who was just exhausted trying to juggle a job, a new private practice and building a house. By the time I finished work, I had no energy left to workout. Figure skating was my favorite exercise, but I had a hard time skating without my legs getting tired and achy. I couldn’t catch my breath half the time. People who were older than me, who were overweight had less trouble than I did!… so I was getting really frustrated.

(Things I’ve tried – optional) At first I thought I was just out of shape, so I just tried working out harder. Well that made me MORE tired! I even tried inhalers for my breathing but they just made me jittery. And as a doctor, I didn’t want to rely on caffeine or drugs.

Then one day, another doctor introduced me to this product and after trying it out for a couple weeks, I noticed that I wasn’t so pooped out after work. I could skate without my legs getting tired and achy. My breathing got better. My energy kept gradually getting better and better and guess what?  

I ended up winning several gold medals in figure skating!

Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that?

Dr. Karen’s Customer Script #2 (69 seconds)

I market a product for people who have skin problems like I used to have.

Before I started using this product, I was someone who had lots of zits and skin rashes.  They told me I would grow out of it. They lied! I was embarrassed all the time, imagining that everyone was staring at my zits. I wore a ton of makeup to try covering it up, but that probably made it worse. I hated going to family gatherings because I knew one of my aunts would give me that “I feel sorry for you” look (making a face) then followed by the  “You’d look pretty if only…”  speech which usually ended in long list of things I should be trying to clear my skin (as if I hadn’t tried them all already). Ugh! (making another face)

(Things I tried – optional) I tried every skin product on the shelf! Every prescription I tried only seemed to make my skin red and scaly. My parents felt so bad for me that while in Hong Kong, they paid for specialists and expensive facials…I even tried Turtle soup. But nothing worked.

Then I tried this product and after three weeks, I noticed my skin getting smoother and softer. After three months, I was pretty much clear of zits and rashes. I was so happy that I have stopped wearing make up every day. Nowadays I keep using the product because I notice that at 43 years old, I’m not getting any wrinkles and I like my soft skin. Some days I still can’t believe it really is my skin. Just ask my husband. Sometimes I’ll ask him to rub my arm just so he’ll say, “Yes honey, your skin is VERY soft!” (giggle)

Finale: The best part? Every time I see my relatives nowadays, they smile and say how young and pretty I look!

Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that?

Dr. Karen’s Customer Script #3 (45 seconds)

I market a product for people who have achy muscles and joints like I do.

Before I started using this product, I was someone who had trouble falling asleep because of pain. I’d lie on one of those wooden massage tools trying to loosen up all the painful knots in my shoulders and hips. It took me at least 30 minutes before the achiness would go away enough so I could fall asleep. Some nights I literally fell asleep with that wooden thing underneath me.

(Things I tried – optional) I wanted a natural way of getting rid of the pain instead of putting drugs and chemicals into my body, so I tried some herbs and pain creams, but they didn’t really do a whole lot.

Then one day, I tried this product and within a few minutes, I could feel the achiness start fading away. My muscle knots got softer and I noticed that I wasn’t taking forever just to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. I really like how quickly it worked and I didn’t have to take any sort of pill or drug.

Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that?

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