Seller Talk: How Most Network Marketers Fail

Don’t ya just hate “seller talk”? When you hear it don’t you just want to run?
Personally I get VERY annoyed when a network marketer at a convention sees the “Dr.” in front of my name and immediately launches into a huge explanation of why I WILL BE very interested in checking out their AMAZING product that they market and what a GREAT business opportunity it will be.

Blech! Vomit!

I’ve made a promise to myself to NEVER EVER do that again to someone! I did it when I started the “business” years ago because I didn’t know any better.My first sponsor didn’t know what he was doing either so I didn’t learn what to say and how to say it. I did what 99% of most marketers do…which is to vomit on their prospect. Figuratively of course!

Enter a BETTER way of marketing (anything):

I am thoroughly enjoying Kim Klaver’s book, If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell it? At the same time I’m listening to her 3 scripts course where she share with us how to create three great “scripts” that hone in on the perfect customer for you based on your own story. She is hilarious and entertaining and I’m learning a ton. It is a great compliment to our Thursday night training calls with our team leaders!
Did you know that the “ending question” on your First Date script:Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that?” is so precise that if you change it in anyway, your results dramatically drop off. Kim knows. She’s been studying the success of her system for years and has done hundreds of 3 scripts classes with thousands of participants. She knows what works and what doesn’t work.
We’ve been doing some of the scriping exercises on our team training calls and I highly recommend you do them on yours.  In fact, we’re having a live team training just to work on these important scripts and practice them. The thought of NEVER being nervous talking to a prospect and feeling rejected again is a huge incentive to do this simple but powerful work!
In the meantime, I HIGHLY recommend each of you pick up your own copy of her book and 2 scripts CD HERE.
By the way, do you ever wonder how I have time to listen to all those personal growth CD’s I own? I own a ton of them.
Frankly, I put them in my CD player in my car. I drive all of 10 minutes to work. That’s it. But ya know, after several trips, I have literally listened to an entire program and digested it all. It is amazing what I can learn in short 10 minute drives!! So if you’re ever in the car with a CD player, you have absolutely no reason (unless you have terrible A.D.D.) to say you “have no time” to learn.
So if you want to make life as a marketer easier on yourself, pick up a copy of Kim’s stuff here:
To Your Success,
Dr. Karen Kan
PS Please comment above to let me know what you think of Kim’s stuff! and what your First Date script is!

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