LifeWave Helps Adult Skater Pass Her First Test

Marie McMahon, PTA, LMT after a great ice dance test performance!

Forty-six year old LifeWave distributor, Marie McMahon, PTA, LMT, who spent much of her infant years in a cast has rediscovered her innate “athlete” the past couple of years by taking up figure skating.

Figure skating is difficult enough to  begin learning as an adult and for McMahon, the challenges are even greater because of the weakness of her lower body since youth and also because of a back injury she sustained in a serious automobile collision years ago.

Nevertheless, McMahon got the “bug” to learn skating. A while ago, she discovered LifeWave and her improvement on the ice blossomed…so much so that her coach encouraged her to start formal testing so that she can one day compete at the Adult National championships.

On Sunday February 21st, McMahon did what years ago, she would have thought impossible. She skated an ice dance with her coach and passed her very first adult skating test with flying colors.

“Wearing the energy enhancers on Liver 3 every day when I skate (sometimes 5 days a week), all day gives me a consistent sense of strength and energy throughout my body but particularly in my legs.  30 minutes before I skate, I place a second set on Kidney 1 and this set of patches enhances the sense of groundedness.  Good sense to have when one is standing on a metal blade on a slippery surface and expected to dance. 

LifeWave and I have passed the first ice dance test, now…. together…. We’ll be testing our way towards qualifying for the 2011 Adult National Championships in Ice Dance.   YAHOO!!!!!!”

Congratulations Marie McMahon! We’re thrilled LifeWave is helping you achieve your dreams!

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