World Records Broken – Athletes and LifeWave

According to LifeWave CEO David Schmidt, an Energy Enhancer “double patching” protocol has been used successfully by a number of athletes and even world records have been broken. He didn’t reveal specifically which athletes he was referring to, but we know that LifeWave has supported athletes in the last two summer Olympics and has supported several Olympians in this year’s winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010.

The “double patching” protocol Schmidt refers to is called the Inner and Outer Gates in Chinese Medicine – specifically using the elements of Fire and Water.

The protocol is as follows:

  • Use a LifeWave TAN Energy Enhancer patch on both Kidney 3 and Pericardium 6 on the LEFT side of the body.
  • Use a LifeWave WHITE Energy Enhancer patch on both Bladder 60 and Triple Burner 5 on the RIGHT side of the body.
  • Add Glutathione to the midline on a point such as CV 6.

To locate acupuncture points, please refer to:

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