Rejecting Prospects Who Don’t Belong On Your Team

Let me know if this is what you’ve observed in network marketing: most network marketers, especially “newbies” are so gung-ho on marketing their opportunity, that they will bend over backwards to get a new prospect on their team. The energy is one of “hunger” and “anticipation” and frankly, it is completely the opposite energy you want to be putting out there.

Being a leader means having the attitude that joining your team is a privilege rather than the other way around. They are not doing you a favor by joining your team. You are doing THEM a favor by LETTING them join your team. This “attitude” does not mean that you are rude or inconsiderate, but it does mean that you’re not going to tolerate behavior you find disingenuous or lacking integrity. This is called posturing and I learned the meaning of this word from Magnetic Sponsoring and Black Belt Recruiting.

Let me give you a couple of examples. Months ago, I received an email from and international prospect who was interested in LifeWave. He asked me to join Yahoo messenger to communicate with him, which I did. We finally made an appointment on the phone. He didn’t show up. He kept email and texting me and didn’t bother apologizing for missing the appointment either. He then proceeded to talk about other network marketing businesses.

I called my upline sponsor for advice, and as expected, he suggested I drop him. I emailed this person and let him know he wasn’t right for our team, but that I’d be happy to refer him to someone else (through customer service). Well! He was indignant on being rejected, citing his “serious” interest in the business. I didn’t budge on my position and erased his email address and yahoo messenger program from my computer. When he later emailed to “socialize” I told him I didn’t have time for a social relationship and asked him not to contact me again.

Are you willing to let go of someone who doesn’t value your time?

Here’s another example.

I met a friend of a friend at a dinner party whose arm was in a splint. Although I was actively looking for LifeWave prospects at the party, when she asked me about her wrist pain (us doctors get asked for free medical advice a lot you know!), I offered to patch her. After getting her agreement that if the patches worked on her pain and she wanted to keep them, she could just pay me for the set (as I only had one set).

After patching her successfully with most of her pain gone, she was thrilled. She then proceeded to say she’d like to sign up as a distributor right away but didn’t have her purse with her. She told me to call her and we’d arrange payment. After leaving messages and not hearing from her for days, I decided to remind her of her agreement to send payment, knowing that it was unlikely that she was ever going to sign up as a distributor on my team.

When we finally connected on the phone, not only was she not apologetic for not sending payment, she was upset at me for not realizing she was in a crisis (I had no idea!) with multiple issues going on with her life and she felt pressured by me. Needless to say, both of us had completely different perspectives.

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