LifeWave makes a Donation to the Earthquake Victims in Italy

Thanks to the dedication of LifeWave distributor Luca La Bella, along with Professor Angelo Marra, Vice President of the International Observatory of Discomfort (ODI), LifeWave is able to contribute to the earthquake disaster relief efforts in Italy.

Earlier this year, a 6.3-magnitude earthquake shook central Italy, causing catastrophic damage throughout the region. Hundreds of people perished, over one thousand people were injured, and tens of thousands of people were left homeless. In fact, many people did not even have a town to which they could return.

Emergency response workers and volunteers tried to help find survivors, and it was difficult to find someone who was not down on their hands and knees, frantically searching through the debris. During times like this, it is impossible to not appreciate the solidarity that such an event creates.

Italy is still trying to recover from this disaster, and LifeWave is donating supplies of LifeWave patches to help those who are still suffering. As part of the LifeWave mission, “we are all working for the wellness of people all around the world”, states Mr. La Bella. As LifeWave distributors, we hope you can take a moment to reflect on how you can give to others while encouraging the growth of your business.

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