Olympic Training Center Athletes Get LifeWave Training

Twelve elite athletes from four disciplines of winter sport: biathlon, aerial skiing, luge and bobsled, were participants in the inaugural workshop series for elite athletes called The Cutting Edge Athlete. The introductory Cutting Edge Athlete workshop involved having the athletes become familiar with Energy Medicine and how they can increase their power and stamina through a simple understanding of what “charges” and what “drains” their energetic body.

Energy Medicine is a growing field of medicine has not yet been fully integrated into mainstream U.S. medical training and in the past was considered “alternative”. However, with the growing body of scientific research over the last 50 years confirming the validity of Energy Medicine, it will undoubtedly thrust this “new” frontier in medicine into the mainstream. Films like The Living Matrix Movie, (www.thelivingmatrixmovie.com) that explain the scientific basis of Energy Medicine will help educate the masses.

Taught by medical doctor and acupuncturist, Karen Kan, MD, and her local team members, the Cutting Edge Athlete workshop was an interactive program that helped athletes become aware of the power of positive and negative influences in their lives. One of the most revealing demonstrations was how easily a cell phone could disrupt their energy field and make them weak. Another popular demonstration involved the revolutionary technology of LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches which are used on specific acupuncture points to strengthen the human bioelectric field to increase energy flow in the body. The athletes learned that LifeWave technology helped over 300 Olympic athletes at the last Beijing Olympics.

Courtney Zablocki, a Cutting Edge Athlete participant and member of the U.S. Olympic Luge team, had the best finish ever for an American woman at the last winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy and was one of the athletes who had already been using LifeWave technology.  Dr. Kan’s local team members who were on hand to assist in the demonstrations and athlete training included Dan Sullivan, LMT, Marie McMahon, LMT, Lori Ransom, Bronwyn Seal, and Deborah Havas. Athletes or trainers wishing more information on the Cutting Edge Athlete program can contact Dr. Kan at 518-524-8188.

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