LifeWave Becomes a Red Cross Storm Partner

LifeWave is now a Storm Partner with the Red Cross!

LifeWave CEO and Founder David Schmidt, along with LifeWave distributor Thomas E. Burke, spearheaded a campaign in 2005 to donate time, money, and products to the Red Cross to help the many volunteers, emergency response personnel, and the victims of Hurricane Katrina. We raised a substantial amount of money for the victims and first responders of this national disaster. Thanks to the success of this effort, LifeWave has now become a Storm Partner with the Red Cross!

As a Red Cross Storm Partner, LifeWave works directly with the Red Cross to learn how to help our communities prepare for local disasters. This includes spreading the word about the “3 Actions” for disaster preparedness. LifeWave will also be a resource for Red Cross disaster related products and materials.

LifeWave plans on including products in the Red Cross disaster supply kits and is ready to provide our products to the public, no matter where disaster strikes. You will be able to take your business to new markets while being part of one of the most esteemed emergency response organizations in the world!

Do you know about the “3 Actions” to prepare for an emergency?

  1. Get a Kit. This means purchasing or assembling a disaster supply kit. Place a few LifeWave patches in your own kit.
  2. Make a Plan. Prepare a personal disaster and evacuation plan. Make sure everyone in your household is aware of this plan.
  3. Be Informed. Find out what types of disasters can occur in your area and how to prepare for them.

Through this partnership LifeWave and its members gain recognition on a national level. We will continue to work closely with American Red Cross representatives and eventually expand our reach to the international Red Cross community.

About the American Red Cross:
The American Red Cross is a charitable foundation that depends on volunteers and donations to sustain its mission to provide, shelter, food, and support to victims of disasters. It also provides support to members of the military and humanitarian aid to international communities. For more information, refer to their website at

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