LifeWave European Conference a Success!

LifeWave 2009 European Conference was a tremendous success!

The LifeWave 2009 European Conference, held in Paris during June 19-20, turned out to be a standing room only event and generated waves of excitement! Throughout the conference, researchers gathered to speak before thousands of members, guests and fellow scientists to share the latest research and technology that substantiates the efficacy and safety of our products.

On Saturday’s main conference event, we accommodated a sold-out crowd of approximately 1500 people, who had the opportunity to hear compelling presentations from experts including LifeWave Founder & CEO David Schmidt, LifeWave President Mike Collins, LifeWave Health & Science Director Dr. Steve Haltiwanger, and many others. Additional events included product training, presentations and gripping testimonials.

LifeWave is also proud to announce that a prestigious medical association in Italy presented LifeWave Founder & CEO David Schmidt with their Annual Achievement Award, an honor bestowed only to an individual who has contributed the greatest benefits to people suffering from pain and disease!

According to LifeWave President Mike Collins, “Feedback from the crowd was uniformly positive, with a high percentage commenting that they not only love our products, but that they also really love the culture of our company.” Through events such as these, LifeWave imparts a “great message about our mission” with the world. We now have photos and videos posted on the LifeWave Training site:

Click this link to view videos from the Conference:

Click this link to view photos from the Conference:

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