Dr. Karen Kan and LifeWave on PBS Television

Dr. Karen Kan featured on PBS Television

Physician  and medical acupuncturist, Dr. Karen Kan, was recently featured on the popular PBS television show, Discoveries in Alternative Medicine, which first aired in California. The show, which is a segment of the American Health Journal program, highlighted a new technology called LifeWave patches (www.lifewave.com), which are capable of producing beneficial effects on the body similar to acupuncture but without the use of needles. Dr. Kan was only one of a number of clinicians and researchers interviewed.

“LifeWave patches are capable of reflecting infrared frequencies of light and can be programmed to enhance the energy flow in the body”, explains Dr. Kan. Because the patch reflects light, nothing enters the body. In fact, LifeWave has been tested and passed by the U.S. and World Anti-doping Agencies, since the very first people to use LifeWave technology were World and Olympic level athletes. Of note, at the Beijing Olympics last year, over 300 athletes used the LifeWave technology to provide a drug-free way to athletic enhancement and injury recovery.

There are currently five distinct patches that address some of the most common health concerns today: energy, sleep, pain, anti-aging, and weight loss. With the exception of the LifeWave patch for pain, the patches are placed over acupuncture points for maximum effect, according to Dr. Kan.

The executive producer of the PBS television special revealed that the LifeWave segment received more response than any other show that they had produced in his 14 year history with American Health Journal. Dr. Kan feels that the public is ready to embrace more natural, drug-free solutions to health.

In celebration of this milestone in alternative medicine discoveries, Dr. Kan will be hosting a FREE Anti-Aging and Wellness Seminar on August 15th beginning at 8:30AM at the Lake Placid High School Auditorium. Special guests from LifeWave will be flown in to give the seminar and to offer free demonstrations.

People experiencing muscle or joint pain are encouraged to attend so they can experience immediate relief from the LifeWave pain patches. Those interested can register for the event at www.optimalhealthseminar.com or by calling 524-8188. The first 100 people registering will receive gifts from local businesses totaling over $200.

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