Acupuncture without Needles?

Look & Feel Healthier without Pills and Drugs

  • Have you tried every traditional medical therapy without results?
  • Are you tired of being handed a prescription every time you visit the doctor?
  • Have you tried all sorts of “natural” therapies and still need help?
  • Have you ever wanted to try acupuncture, but needles scare you?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. Hi, my name is Dr. Karen Kan. I’m a holistic physician and medical acupuncturist. LifeWave has introduced products for people who are into holistic health and prefer not to take drugs or chemicals, like me.

Almost a year ago, the CEO of LifeWave asked me to test out their newest anti-aging product. As a physician and competitive athlete, he felt that I could give the company tangible feedback on how the product worked for people  in “the real world”. At first, I couldn’t imagine how an anti-aging product would help me, but very quickly, I learned I was wrong. Really, really wrong! …but before I share with you what happened to me when I tried this new product, I want to tell you a bit more about how about how I got introduced to LifeWave products in 2005.

Before using these products, I was basically a “burnt out” doctor. All those years of being on-call, sometimes up to 72 hours straight, left me so stressed and exhausted that I’d collapse into bed wishing I wouldn’t wake up. I felt like I was ninety years old and I hadn’t even hit forty yet! At first I tried drugs, but they just gave me side effects.

Then I tried natural therapies such as acupuncture, supplements and energy healing. These tools helped me a lot, but I still had little focus, endurance or stamina. Then one day, a chiropractor convinced me to try LifeWave products. I was very skeptical, but also intrigued that this drug-free product could work like “acupuncture without needles”.

Well, I followed my gut instinct and decided to try them to see if they really worked. At first, I used them only when skating (my favorite past-time) and to my surprise, skated so well that I won a gold medal two weeks later at my first international skating event.

Photo of Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalists, 2005 Oberstdorf Germany


Then, I decided to use them every day. After a few weeks, I noticed I was getting more and more productive at home and at work…and my skating improved immensely. Then, I read the results of a clinical study using LifeWave patches. I was so impressed with the significance of these results that I joined the company as a distributor so that I could share it with others like me. That was many years ago. Since that time, I’ve become the leader of a growing international team of LifeWave distributors, whose mission is to help other holistically-minded individuals who are interested in using our products for:

I’ve also had the privilege of being part of the LifeWave Training Team for the Advanced Practitioner Training Program, a special program geared towards training healthcare practitioners around the globe on how to use LifeWave products in their clinical practice to help their clients and patients.

Before you go…

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Oh!I almost forgot to finish my story about what happened to me when I tried LifeWave’s newest anti-aging product. Check out the first 2 minutes of the video below and you’ll get the picture. It’s really cool. I promise.

On behalf of my team, I hope that you will take the next step towards optimal health by joining us at LifeWave, as a customer or as a distributor. To contact me personally, CLICK HERE.

Sincerely, Dr. Karen Kan